Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC)
  • California Public Utilities Commission Decision (D.14-05-016) establishes
        the Data Request and Release Process, a protocol for investor owned
        utilities to follow when providing customer usage data to eligible
        third party requestors.
  • The Decision also establishes the Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC),
        whose function is to provide advice regarding a utility's protocols
        for reviewing data requests, to act as an informal body to review
        disputes between a utility and a requestor, and to act as an on-going
        forum to discuss and review changes in protocols in response to
        changing technological abilities.
  • The EDAC is non-adjudicatory and serves as a forum to discuss issues
        that arise from the data request process; formal dispute resolution
        may be sought through the Commission's petition process.
  • For more information (including information regarding future and past
        EDAC meetings), Click here.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at
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    SoCalGas EDRP Information
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    Energy Data Request
    Program Fact Sheet.

    Download an Offline Request Form Worksheet

    Click here to download an offline worksheet to help you collect the necessary information to fill out the online request form.
    When you are ready to submit your online request, you can copy the responses from the worksheet to the online request form.
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    The Energy Data Request Program allows you to download quarterly gas usage reports. Here are some
    instructions to get you started.
  • How to Download Publicly Available Reports
  • How to Open a Comma Separated Value (CSV) File
  • Notes Regarding Publicly Available Reports
  • How to Download Publicly Available Reports

    1. Reports are available for download on the Energy Data Request Program web page. You can find the reports under
        the Quarterly Gas Usage by ZIP Code section.

    List of publicly available reports on the Energy Data Request Program web page.
    2. Click on any of the available reports under Quarterly Gas Usage by ZIP Code and the report should automatically download
        or you will be prompted to save the file.

     After clicking on the report link, downloaded files often appear at the bottom of your browser window.
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    How to Open a Comma Separated Value (CSV) File

    1. The Quarterly Gas Usage by ZIP Code report is a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. Once the file has been downloaded to
    your computer, open the folder containing the file, which by default should be in the Downloads folder, unless otherwise
    indicated. The CSV file may be opened with Microsoft Excel.

    Personal file directory: Choose the downloaded file to open and view.
    2. Double-click or right click to view the CSV file in Microsoft Excel.
    Open the file in Microsoft Excel.
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    Notes Regarding Publicly Available Reports

  • Gas usage data is aggregated monthly by customer class (Residential, Commercial, or Industrial) and grouped by ZIP Code.
  • Gas usage is only provided if ZIP Codes meet the standards for aggregating and anonymizing customer data pursuant to
        California Public Utilities Commission Decision 14-05-016.
  • If ZIP Codes do not meet these aggregation standards, the gas usage of those ZIP Codes will be combined with the gas
        usage of bordering ZIP Codes until the aggregation standards are met.
  • For residential customers, the ZIP Code must have 100 or more residential customers in any month.
  • For commercial and industrial customers, the “15/15 Rule” will be applied at a ZIP Code level in any month.
        As an example, for commercial customers, a ZIP Code must have 15 or more commercial customers, with no single
        commercial customer’s gas usage constituting more than 15% of the total consumption in any month for that ZIP Code.
  • The table below contains a summary of the aggregation standards.
  • Customer Class Aggregation Standards
    Residential Minimum of 100 customers in a given ZIP Code in any month
    Commercial 15/15 Rule at a ZIP Code level in any month
    Industrial 15/15 Rule at a ZIP Code level in any month
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